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Washington, March 18 (ANI): Israeli scientists have developed a new device enables plants to send a text message when they need a drink.
Every family has in its house at least one plant. But suppsoing you are a busy person and you forgot to water the plants, they will probably die in a short time. So what can you do? Hire somebody to take care of your plants and water them? Maybe, but could be expensive.
The solution is closer than you think. Nowdays, a thirsty plant can let you know that it needs water. How would it be to check your phone to see if you have missed calls and suddently to receive an SMS message from your plant: “Hey, it’s your plant. You forgot to water me this week. I am very thirsty, I need water”. Looks like a SF movie but in fact is the reality.
WOW!!! Just imagine – you are in the middle of a very important meeting with prospective client and booms! – your cell phone is ringing. “Sorry, pals, I need to pick-up that call, this is my cactus calling me”.
Huh?! You used your cell phone to talk with your friends and your family and now your home plants can call you as well? How annoying is that? Anyway, I’m afraid this is our near future. F*ckuing “Smart House”, my ass.
I think I need to stop my experiments with DLNA technology today if I don’t want my plants to call me tomorrow.

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